Zippy Loqaktlptl & Yabba Zequatzenqatl



Zippy Loqaktlptl (Frank) and Yabba Zequatzenqatl (Rob) are the authors of "Turn Left Right Here". We wanted to present the first book in the series to you for some reading pleasure, fictional humor and spiritual insight. We hope you enjoy the antics of Harold Bawles and his many companions for the duration of this journey into the absurd!
The website is separated into three main sections:
   The Book: "Turn Left Right Here" - Index; including Cover, Introduction, Prependix, Printing History, Dedications, Chapters and the legal mumbo-jumbo (Terms of Use and Privacy Policy).
   The Juke Box: Classic songs listed from the book and/or the author's record collections.
   *Mobile Device Users: There may be complications listening or uploading the songs listed in the book while using some mobile devices (android and iPhones, some tablets, etc.). Desktop and laptop devices should work properly for all soundtracks.
   Contact, etc.: E-mail (maczippy55@gmail.com); including 'comments', 'suggestions' and the latest developments with the book, the authors or the website.